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Invitation for Bids

(Tuesday, April 14, 2020)


  • Tender Notice for Financial Year 2019-20 (Click to Download)
    • Computer Hardware: Closing Date 30.04.2020 (11:30AM)
    • Plant & Machinery: Closing Date 04.05.2020 (11:30AM)
    • I.T. Equipment: Closing Date 04.05.2020 (11:30AM)
    • Furniture and Fixture: Closing Date 05.05.2020 (11:30AM)
  • ender Notice for Hiring of Security Services(Click to Download)
    Sealed bids ompleted in all respect should reach the office of Controller General of Accounts on 20.02.2020 before 11:30AM
  • Expression of Interest (EOI-26)
    Selection of Consulting Firm to revise New Accounting Model of Pakistan (NAM).
  • Invitation for Bids For supply of items of stationary/computer stationary stores/Plain photo copier toners cartridges/computer printers toners & Misc. items (Financial Year 2018-19).
    Tender Bidding Document
  • Invitation for Bids
    Procurement of Operations and Maintenance Services (10 Mini FABS server rooms and 05 Generator Site).
  • Invitation for Bids For Purchase of Machinery and Equipment, Computer System , Printers and Office Furniture.
    Tender Bidding Document
  • Invitation for Bids
    For Purchase of Stationery / Toner For Photocopier / FAX / Printer and Misc. Items

    Tender Bidding Document
  • Tender Notice for Hiring of Security Services
    Advertisement in English /Advertisement in Urdu
    Tender Document
  • INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB-14) Procurement of Scanners and Desktops Computers for Directorate General (MIS/FABS), Islamabad
  • Invitation FOR BIDS (IFB-13)Procurement of Scanners for Director General (MIS/FABS), Islamabad
  • Invitation to Bids of Fax Machine, Photocopier, Laptop, Computer System, Wireles Printer and Combo Printer for the FY 2016-17.Tender Document
  • Re-Tender Notice for Photocopier / Printer / Fax Machine Toners 2016-17
  • Procurement Plan FY 2016-17
  • Expression of Interest (EOI-10)
    Procurement of Operations & Maintenance Services for Server Rooms and Generators in FAB data centres
  • Invitation to Bid 2016-17
  • Invitation to Bid
    Supply for Photocopier, Fax Machines, Multimedia Projector, LED TV and Computer Systems for FY 2015-16 Bidding Documents for Purchase of Machinery Equipment and Computer System
  • Directorate General MIS/FABS Invitation for Bids (IFB)
    Procurement of Servers and Allied Equipment for FABs Data Centres in MOF and AGPR Offices
  • Directorate General MIS/FABS Invitation for Bids (IFB)
    Procurement of Hardware / Software & Maintenance of Towers for WAN, FABS