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Controller General of Accounts (Government of Pakistan)

Striving for good governance by promoting, within our mandate, better informed decision making and ensuring efficient, economical and effective service delivery.

Functions of the office:

Main codified functions of Controller General of Accounts as envisaged in CGA Ordinance 2001 are:

  • To prepare and maintain the accounts of federation and provinces and district governments.
  • To authorize payments and withdrawals from the Consolidated Fund and Public Accounts of the Federal and Provincial governments

Other functions contributing to sound financial management:

  • Formulating the principles governing the internal financial control for government departments.
  • Rendering advice on accounting procedure for new schemes, programs or activities undertaken by the Government concerned.
  • Providing the information required by the Federal, Provincial or District Governments (in so far as accounts compiled permit).
  • Developing and maintaining an efficient system of pension, provident funds and other recruitment benefits.

Mr. Farrukh Ahmad Hamidi

Controller General of Accounts
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Mr. Bilal Majeed

Deputy Controller General of Accounts (Admn)


Mr. Shehzad Hasan

Deputy Controller General of Accounts (FABS / Accounts)