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PAAS & Training Wing:
  1. Presenting / discussing the appropriation Accounts and results of its audit in the PAC and implementing the directives received from it.
  2. Preparing and submitting to the PAC the replies of the Audit Reports (Draft Paras) on the Accounts of CGA’s Department i.e. CGA Office and field Accounts Offices including departmentalized Accounts Offices under the administrative control of CGA.
  3. Updating the departmental replies and preparing brief and material for CGA (PAO) to be discussed in the meetings of PAC and receiving directives of PAC for implementation.
  4. Holding meeting the DAC for discussion and settlement of AIRs, ADPs and DPs on the Accounts of the CGA office and field Accounts office under his Administrative control and implement its decisions.
  5. To ensure action on / implementation of the Directives (actionable points) of PAC and submitting timely reports to the PAC.


  1. All Personal cases of PA & AS officers posted in CGA department viz sanction of C/leave, GP Fund / Conveyance / House Building Advance etc.
  2. All service matter like Posting/transfer, retirement /Pension, annual Medical Examination and leave etc. of PA & AS officers posted in CGA department.
  3. Disciplinary cases against PA & AS officers posted in CGA department
  4. Sale/purchase and declaration of assets of PA & AS officers
  5. Deputation of PA & AS officers in Ministries/Divisions/Department by the Federal, Provincial Government and autonomous bodies.
  6. Representation of IDC officer in matter regarding pay & seniority etc.
  7. Court cases filed by IDC officers in matter regarding pay & seniority.
  8. Courses/training and career planning.
  9. Termination of probationary period.
  10. Report on conduct of probationers.
  11. Human resource Management of departmental cadre in CGA’s organization.
  12. Develop the Training Policies of CGA organization.
  13. All matters and correspondence relating to training activities/functions.
  14. Co-ordination/keeping watch and having general supervision over training activities and functions of the various Audit and Accounts Training Institutes between Auditor General and Controller General of Accounts organization.
  15. To keep updated all circular and time table of all training programmes local and abroad being run and suitable for the officers and staff of CGA offices and departmentalized Accounts Officer.
  16. Arranging for training facilities for officers and staff of the offices under the Administrative control of CGA

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