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New Accounting Model:

Salient Features of NAM::

  • Modified Cash Basis of Accounting.
  • Double Entry Book Keeping.
  • Commitment Accounting.
  • Fixed Assets Accounting.
  • Assets Register.
  • New Chart of Accounts.

  • Timely, Accurate, Relevant and Reliable Financial Reports.
  • Consolidated monthly and quarterly accounts.
  • Monthly and Fortnightly Cash Forecasting Reports.
  • Trend Analysis Reports.
  • Appropriation Accounts.
  • Annual Finance Account.
  • Combined Finance and Rev. Account.
  • Investment Reports.
  • Public Debt Profile.
  • Report on Public Account.
  • Report on Net Proceeds of Divisible Pool.

Budget Monitoring:
  • Development Expenditure.
  • Capital/Revenue Receipt.
  • Tax/Non Tax Receipts.
  • External/Domestic Borrowings.
  • Program/Project Monitoring.

New Accounting Model (NAM)