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Establishment Wing:


  1. Promotion of AAO’s (B-16) as Accounts officers (B-17).
  2. Matters relating to award of Selection grade and Move-Over to the officers in B-17 (departmental Cadre) and below.
  3. Appeals and court cases regarding above promotion seniority, Selection Grades etc.
  4. Deputation of AO’s (B-17) to the Ministries / Divisions and departmental of Federal & Provincial Government.
  5. Processing of pension cases of AOs/ encashment of LPR and related matters.
  6. Service matters of employees working in District/Agency Accounts Offices and Treasury Offices referred by the Heads of the Field offices.
  7. Preparation of cases for induction of AOs (B-17) into IDC.
  8. Matter relating to seniority of AOs/AAOs.
  9. Sanction of Ex-Pakistanis leave in respect of the Officers in BPS-17.
  10. Recruitment/Appointments, Seniority and promotion cases of the employees in BPS-16 and below.
  11. Transfer/Posting on deputation of employees up to B-16.
  12. Matter relating to Pay and Allowances and fringe benefits of the employees of field offices.
  13. Appeals, petitions, complaints and representations of the employees in B-16 and below.
  14. Court cases other than cases initiated under E&D rules 1973 / Removal from service (Special Powers) ordinance, 2000 of officers in B-17 (departmental cadre) & below.
  15. Matter relating to seniority of employees in B-16 and below

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