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Establishment Wing:


  1. Disciplinary and court cases under E&D Rules and Removal from service (Special Powers) ordinance, 2000 in respect of B-17 (Departmental cadre) and dealing with appeals/representations there-under.
  2. Attendance in court cases under E&D Rules relating to CGA office.
  3. Preparation and issuance of Order of inquiry to inquiry Officer/Committee.
  4. Pursuance of Order of inquiry.
  5. Analysis of inquiry Report and submission of case to Controller General of Accounts for decision.
  6. Preparation and issuance of Charge sheet/ Statement of allegations and Show-cause Notices etc.
  7. Notification of penalty.
  8. Preparation of parawise comments on appeal made against the penalties imposed under E&D Rules
  9. Conveying of decision of competent Authority to the appellant.
  10. Submission of reports /returns regarding disciplinary cases to Establishment Division and Finance Division.
  11. Formulation of policy regarding disciplinary matters and issuance of notification to other offices.

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