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Budget Section:

  1. Issuance of annual Budget Call letter and instruction on economy measures to field Accounts Office and general instructions regarding preparation of Budget.
  2. Scrutiny and consolidation of Budget proposals/estimates received from Accounts Offices and the Head Office as well and their submission to the Finance Division.
  3. Control and distribution of budgetary allocation according to requirement of field offices on receipt of final/authenticated Appropriation from the Finance Division.
  4. Processing of all the proposals for re-appropriation of funds and requests for additional funds/supplementary grants received from the field accounts offices.
  5. Management and control of Excess/Surrender Statement.
  6. Preparation of Foreign exchange Budget and its submission of the Finance Division.
  7. Scrutiny and consolidation of Receipts Budget Estimates in respect of CGA department and submission to the Finance Division.
  8. Reconciliation of expenditure figures with AGPR (Sub-offices) by the field offices.
  9. Scrutiny and consolidation of monthly and annual expenditure statements received from field offices and its submission to Finance Division.
  10. Receipt and consolidation of shortage/excess report of staff received fro field office and its submission to quarters
  11. Preparation of sanctioned strength / available strength report and its submission to the Finance Division.
  12. Creation of new posts, continuation of temporary posts in field Accounts office and transfer of posts within CGA’s Organization.

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