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Administration Wing:


  1. To maintain cash book of the office.
  2. To prepare all bills relating to the contingent expenditure of this office and draw cheques in abstract contingent billing forms.
  3. Maintenance of contingent expenditure registers.
  4. To encash all cheques relating to the pay, TA, GP Fund, HB Adv. Motor Cycle and cycle advance etc. of non-gazetted staff and to encash contingent cheques from the State Bank of Pakistan.
  5. To maintain schedules of cheques issued by the O/o AGPR Islamabad.
  6. To disburse all dues of non gazetted staff.
  7. To make all correspondence relating to the pay, allowances / contingent charges.
  8. To keep paid voucher/ aquittance rolls of pay & allowances / contingent charges.
  9. To prepare Monthly Expenditure Statement and carry out the reconciliation of expenditure with AGPR Islamabad.
  10. Maintenance of Stock Register.
  11. Maintenance of Service Book BPS-1 to 15.
  12. Distribution of codes Manual and Books received from services book club etc.
  13. Maintenance of Income Tax returns.
  14. Preparation of Budget estimates and control over expenditure of CGA’s office.

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