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Administration Wing:


  1. Recruitment of staff in BPS-1 to 15.
  2. Promotion cases of employees in B-1 to 16.
  3. Posting and transfer of officers and staff in B-1 to 17.
  4. Confirmation of employees in B-1 to B-17
  5. Retirement of employees in BPS-1 to BPS-17.
  6. Preparation of sanction of pension cases.
  7. Maintenance of Seniority list of staff and officers of departmental cadre.
  8. Maintenance of ACRs.
  9. Maintenance of declaration of Assets.
  10. Sanction of leave.
  11. Sanction of advances (GP Fund, HBA and Conveyance Advance).
  12. Sanction of honorarium/ efficiency honorarium.
  13. Pay fixation of staff in BPS-1 to BPS-15.
  14. Verification of 10/25 years service.
  15. Issuance of NOC for deputation of staff and officers to and from the other offices.
  16. Nomination of officers and staff to various organizations for training.
  17. Representations and appeals.
  18. Installation / shifting of office / residential telephones.
  19. Submission of various returns / reports.
  20. Matters relating to observations of Insp. Wing.
  21. Re-imbursement of Medical Claims of the serving and retired employees of the field / departmentalized Accounts Offices.
  22. GP Fund, HBA/MCA/Cycle Advances and processing of loans priority cases received from filed Account Offices.
  23. Processing and taking up with Finance Division cases of waiving off recovery of outstanding loans/advances of the low-paid employees of the field offices.
  24. Processing the nominations for Seasonal Haj duties cases of the field offices and ancillary matters.
  25. Matters relating to Delegation of Financial and Administrative powers to field Accounts offices.
  26. Cases of Efficiency honoraria of the employees of the field office.
  27. Write-off Government losses.
  28. Purchase, acquisition and condemnation of vehicles for field offices and other matter connected there to.
  29. Matter pertaining to hiring and construction of accommodation of field offices.